Join My Annual Food Drive In October

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The place we all want to be on Thanksgiving Day. More Americans travel to be with family at Thanksgiving than for any other holiday. Why? It’s not just to share a big meal and watch a football game or two. It’s a uniquely American tradition where family and friends gather to share laughter and thanks around the dining table.  

For people that are struggling to make ends meet, it’s a different story. When you can’t afford a home or clothing for your family, the cost of a holiday feast is out of the question. No one should feel alone or go hungry at Thanksgiving. That’s where the Action Center steps in. 

The Action Center’s year-round mission is to help fill in the gaps for Jefferson County residents and the homeless while providing pathways back to self-sufficiency. Each Thanksgiving, the Action Center’s community food drives provide thousands of families with a box of non-perishable food items for the holiday.  

I’ve supported the food drive for many years. You can help, too!  

Drop your donations off at my office in the Denver West Coldwell Banker Branch.  Click here for a map!  I'll be collecting from October 1 until November 1.  

Raid your pantry or shop for these items:
-Canned Fruit, Vegetables, Yams, Tomato Products, Meats and Meals 
-Beans, dried or canned 
-Corn Bread Mixes 
-Stuffing, packaged 
-Instant potatoes 
-Chicken Broth 
-Peanut Butter 
-Cereal, Cereal Bars 
-Pasta, boxed or packaged and Canned Pasta Sauce 
-Boxed Mac & Cheese 

I hope you will join me in spreading the warmth and wonder of Thanksgiving throughout our community. 

And as a special bonus!!  If you live in Lakewood or have a Lakewood business, the City of Lakewood is matching donations to The Action Center during the month of October up to $17,000. You can donate online. Indicate that it is for the Lakewood match. Click here to donate!

-LaDawn Sperling 
P.S. If you or someone you know plans to purchase or sell a home, please let me know. I’m never too busy for your referrals.